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Stranville Living Cup

The Stranville Living Cup is an exciting part of Elite Golf Program and is essentially the backbone to our program. Players will participate in 20 events across 7 events, each event giving certain points based on how important they are. The events are played across Southern Alberta and Northern Montana, with players getting the chance to play on some great golf courses that will surely test the best and prove a good champion! The events are strategically placed to not overlap most MJT, CJGA and McLennan Ross events so if you had that question you don't anymore! We encourage every member to come out and play every event and try to win the Stranville Living Cup! We also want all non-member's to apply for sponsor exemptions to play in the Invitational's and get into some friendly, but competitive golf! We have no age minimum (max age is 19 providing he hasn't played college golf) or handicap limit, so no matter your capability or age there will be competition out here for you!


  • 125 points for a pre-season (march) event; Evergreen Open
  • 250 points for a regular season (9 holes); Back Nine Challenge
  • 500 points for a regular season event (18 holes); Drive, Chip and Putt Championship
  • 750 points for an Invitational; The (EGPGC) Elite Golf Program Invitational
  • 1000 points for the Players Championship
  • 1500 points for a Major; The EGP Masters


The players will try and earn their way to the Top 10 in the Standings (left) to get into the first stage of playoffs. The fields will dwindle down to an eventual Top 2 players who will go head to head in 72 hole match play for the Stranville Living Cup. 

Its simple, the more events you play, the more points you will earn! An interesting fact, the player who won in 2014 played every event but 1. Hopefully you have a good season and your quest for the Stranville Living Cup is successful! For more questions about getting into the race, how the points work or any other questions contact us here


How can I play in the Stranville Living Cup?

-Players who are eligible for the Stranville Living Cup events have gone through the Tryout Process at the end of the year. You can apply for this in late July. Another way to play be eligible for events is you apply for a Sponsor Exemption for one of the 5 Invitational's and finish top 3, which will get you into the next 3 events. If you win one of the invitational's, you have special status and can now apply to play an event.

*A Sponsor Exemption is just a fancy way for saying you can play in the certain event, click on Sponsor Exemption to apply*

What is the minimum and maximum age that a player can play in an event?

-There is not a specified age, but player's 10 and over is advised. The maximum age for a player is 19 providing that he has not gone to college. If they player has gone to a college and played college golf he is restricted. 

What is the entry fee for events?

-There is no entry fee paid towards Elite Golf Program for every event other than the Elite Golf Program Masters (which is $40 for caddie bibs and a yardage book) but players do need to pay green fees if they are not members at the course.

What is the difference between Major's to Invitational's, or to a regular event?

-The difference between certain events differ, but the amount of points and number of holes is the main way to differ events. 

Pre-Season; 9 holes, 125 points to the winner, on par 3 courses

Regular Season; 9 holes, 250 points

Regular Season; 18 holes, 500 points 

Invitational; usually 54 holes (the Match Play is more), 750 points

The Player's Championship; 36 holes, 1000 points

Majors; 72 holes, 1500 points

Apply for a Sponsor Exemption to play in one of our Invitational's 

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