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Meet The Team Part Two : Trey Brandt

Posted on November 20, 2014 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (46)

This is the second installment of the Meet the Team section, where we will meet every team member! We are proud to continue with one of the 6 original members of Elite Golf Program, Trey Brandt.

Just the Facts


  • 2 All Time Wins (2014 Big Cup Challenge, 2014 Modified Stableford Challenge)
  • Major Wins : 0, best finish is 3rd at the 2014 EGP US Open
  • Invitational Wins : 0, best finish is T-2nd (With Jeff Masse) at the 2014 EGPGC Par 3 Invitational, four shots behind eventual winner
  • Handicap : 6
  • Goals for 2015 : Get top 3 in a tournament outside Elite Golf Program
  • Southern Alberta Junior Golf Ranking : 10th (one of six EGP players inside the top 10)
  • Favourite Golf Course : Iron Horse Golf Club, which hosted the 2014 EGP US Open
  • Lowest Round : 75, +3, Lethbridge Country Club (Final round of the 2014 Club Championship's)
  • Finished T-5th in Stranville Living Cup last season, 2625 points
  • Finished T-7th in the Player of the Year Race (2pts)
Interview with Trey Brandt 

What is your favourite part of golf?

"Sinking birdie putts" 

Who is your role model in golf and why? 

"Rory McIlroy, he's a good player"

Goals for the 2015 EGP Season?

"To play good, keep it going"

How important is the Stranville Living Cup to you?

"it's not where the MJT's and CJGA's are, but it would be nice to win"

What EGP Tournament do you want to win most, and why?

"The Big Cup Challenge to defend the title"

How to you plan to improve on your SAJGR, Stranville Living Cup place and your golf game in 2015?

"To practice lots"

What's In the Bag

Driver - Titliest 913D3 10.5* (Mitubishi Basarra Red)

3 wood - Adam's Speedline

3 hybird - Callaway Razr X 19* 

4-PW - Callaway Razr X 

52 degree - Titliest Vokey SM$

56 degree - Callaway MacDaddy

putter - Titliest Scotty Cameron Del Mar

Meet The Team Part One : Lukas Ferguson

Posted on November 19, 2014 at 2:10 PM Comments comments (0)

This is the first of a sixteen part segment where we will meet each team member and learn more about them! The first player we interviewed is Trey Brandt, and can be viewed below. The second player is another original six member, Lukas Ferguson, who sadly didn't make it to playoffs, but will be hungry this year to redeem himself, and we're sure he will.

Just The Facts


  • All Time Wins : 0, best finish is a Tie for 3rd at the Big Cup Challenge 
  • Major Wins : 0, best finish is fourth at the 2014 EGP US Open 
  • Handicap : 5
  • Goals for 2015 : Qualify for the Alberta Junior
  • Finish Top 3 in an MJT Event
  • Play good in EGP events
  • SAJGR rank - 15th
  • Favourite Golf Course - Couer d'Alene Resort Course, Iron Horse Golf Club, host to the 2014 EGP US Open, Wilderness Club, host to the 2014 Northern Montana Championship
  • Lowest Round - 74, Innisfail Golf Club
  • Finished 8th in the 2014 Stranville Living Cup
Interview with Lukas Ferguson


What is your favourite part of golf?

"My favourite part of golf is long walks on the fairway with my ball in play, making 8-10 footers, hitting a drive right down the middle, and just enjoying golf and forgetting about everything and anything else"

Who is your role model in golf and why?

"Tiger Woods. He's a legend of the game"

Goals for the 2015 EGP Season?

"I would like to win a couple times and go back on the Whitefish Trip!"

How important is the Stranville Living Cup to you?

"The Stranville Living Cup is very important. I need the gear and prizes"

What EGP Tournament do you want to win most, and why?

"The Elite Golf Program US Open, it is a special tournament that brings back a lot of good memories with the guys. The event got me last year so I'd like to get revenge on the event! I'm also a big fan of the Montana scenery"

How to you plan to improve on your SAJGR, Stranville Living Cup place and your golf game in 2015?

"I plan on improving my SAJGR and Stranville Living Cup place by winning and playing good in valuable tournaments"

How hungry are you after missing the 2014 Playoffs?

"I'm hungrier than the lion that let the deer get away"

Are you anxious at all for your first win?

"No. I'm not anxious. It'll come soon, I'm making the right steps. I want to develop the skills and get comfortable"

What's in the Bag

Driver - Titliest 9.5 913 D3 (Mitubishi Diamana Ahina Whiteboard)

3 Wood -

4 Wood - Titliest 17* 913F (Mitubishi Diamana Ahina Blueboard)

3 Hybrid - Titliest 910H (Mitubishi Diamana Ahina Whiteboard)

5-PW - Titliest 710 AP1

52 degree - Titliest Vokey SM2

56 degree - Titliest Vokey SM2

58 Degree - Titliest Vokey SM4

Putter - Soctty Cameron Squareback 


Looks like Lukas knows what is important and is ready to take the right steps to become one of EGP's best! We can't wait to see what he brings in 2015, we'll sure be ready for it. He'll fit in nicely as one of Elite Golf Program's best alongside players like Jeff Masse and Grayson Constable.



EGP Members have a solid week in PHX

Posted on November 19, 2014 at 1:40 PM Comments comments (0)

Two of Elite Golf Program's finest tee'd it up in our partner's Tour Championship. That is the MJT Tour Championship which was held at Lagacy Golf Resort in the beautiful city of Phoenix. Legacy was prime for scoring as Darin got off to a hot start with a solid two over par 73 that included a birdie on the 9th for an even par front nine. Jeff wasn't far behind though with a 5 over 76. Both players sat in the Top 15 after day one, behind the leader (69 -2). Jeff played his way into the Top 10, sitting 8th respectively after a final round 72 for a very impressive 148 total. Darin fired a good round of 78, which kept him inside the Top 15 and a nice way to close out the year. Both players played well and we would like to congratulate them on the finishes! See you in 2015 guys! 

Who are the Top 3 to look for in 2015?

Posted on November 18, 2014 at 7:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The 2015 season is right around the corner. The countdown is 105 days, or just over three and a third of a month away! We had great play in 2014, with powerhouse players like Darin Bertschi winning 5 times, Grayson Constable winning 4 times and Drew Harvie winning a record 7 times, so here's our time to predict! Who are the Top 3 players to look for in 2015? Here's who we think will make a splash.

-Darin Bertschi

won 62.5% of the time in only a handful of events, and will be hungry coming short of the Stranville Living Cup. The venues set up well for him too, with the likes of Paradise Canyon, Lethbridge Country Club and Picture Butte Golf Club, all venues he played well at in 2014.

-Grayson Constable

One of the more dominent players in 2014, winning four times including the Players and the Masters. He will be looking for vengance as he lost in 19 holes against Drew Harvie in the Stranville Living Cup. Look for his length to benefit him.

-Trey Brandt 

One of the most underrated year's, Trey won twice including the full field Big Cup Challenge. Trey doesn't hit it far, but when he starts to this year he'll be a big threat. Watch out for him with the great short game and length combo is almost unbeatable 

Who had the most underrated season in 2014?

Posted on November 16, 2014 at 4:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The 2014 brought lots of good play, good venues, exciting championshp's and lots of good players toward's Elite Golf Program. Most people have heard about Grayson Constable's good 4 win season that included 2 of the big 6 events, or Drew's record setting 7 win year, or what about Ethan Choi's win at the MJT Banff Springs to get into EGP. Darin Bertschi would also be in that category, winning a second-to-one 5 times. But what about the most underrated season's? Two obvious choices stand out, and that's Trey Brandt and Jeff Masse. Trey Brandt won twice in 2014, at the Big Cup Challenge and the Modified Stableford Challenge, but what people do not usually realize is he didn't finish worse than fourth all year. Trey had 2 wins in 8 starts, winning 25% of the time, and finished 2nd twice, he finished back-to-back-to-back third place finishes in July and also added a fourth place finish. That's solid. Jeff Masse also had a very good season, but yet again underrated. Jeff won the first major of the year by a record 8 shots at Paradise Canyon. Everyone thought Jeff would go on a tear for 2014 and set the pace the whole year. Although this never happened, he came in fourth in the Stranville Living Cup and had a good season. Jeff won twice, highlighted by the 2014 EGP Open Championship, was low EGP Member at the Wolf Creek MJT event. Jeff had four runner-up finishes, 1 third and a fourth. Another player who didn't finish lower than fourth, is this where we hashtag #theseguysaregood. 

Your 2015 Elite Golf Program Alberta Team

Posted on November 4, 2014 at 12:50 PM Comments comments (0)

The 2014 season is over, and a great season at that, but now it's time to move on to a new year, and a new year means new faces. The team grew from 9 to 16 kids, meaning bigger, better and more competitive events! So without any more delay, here is the 2015 Roster.

Drew Harvie

  • Won the Inagrual version of the 2014 Stranville Living Cup over Grayson Constable in 19 holes
  • Won 2014 Player of the Year.
  • Won 7 times, most notably the United States Open

Grayson Constable

  • Finished second in the Stranville Living Cup, losing to Drew in 19 holes
  • Finished 4th in Player of the Year Race.
  • Won 4 times, most notably the Masters and Players

Darin Bertschi

  • Finished 3rd in Stranville Living Cup, eliminated in the Semi-Finals
  • Finished runner-up in Player of the Year race.
  • Won five times, most notably the Match Play Invitational and The Canadian Open

Jeff Masse 

  • Finished fourth in Stranville Living Cup
  • eliminated in the Semi-Finals. Finished third in Player of the Year race.
  • Won twice, most notably the Open Championship

Trey Brandt

  • Finished Tied Fifth in Stranville Living Cup, eliminated in the Quarter-Finals
  • Finished Tied 7th for Player of the Year race
  • Won twice 
Ethan Choi

  • Gained Access by his win at the MJT Banff Springs Event
  • Finished Tied Fifth in the Stranville Living Cup, eliminated in the Quarter-Finals
  • Finished 5th in Player of the Year race
  • Won once, most notably the MJT Banff Springs event 

Mason Harder

  • Finished 7th in Stranville Living Cup, not making it to Playoffs 
  • Finished Tied 7th in Player of the Year race
  • Won once, most notably the Par 3 Invitational Event 
Lukas Ferguson

  • Finished 8th in Stranville Living Cup race
  • Finished T-8th in Player of the Year race


Ethan Campbell
Tyson Wirun
Spencer Klassen
Justin Laczo
McCoy Garner
Jonas Nelson
Kaden Ashcroft
Krishan Stocker

That is your 2015 Roster! We hope to see everyone March 4th for the Season Opener at Evergreen Golf Centre for the Evergreen Open, where Drew Harvie is defending 

Harvie wins Stranville Cup, concluded 2014 season

Posted on October 16, 2014 at 12:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Congratulations to Drew Harvie on winning the Stranville Living Cup this past weekend. Drew lead most of the match, winning the first and not loosing the lead until the 16th, which Grayson won. Drew won holes 1, 5, 6, 14, 18 while Grayson won holes 3, 10, 15, 16, 17. Drew birdied the first playoff hole (the first) to win in 19 holes.

The 2014 awards will be announced by the end of next week (25th of October) so keep your eyes open!

The Tryout Process gets underway, with 12 golfers going for 10 spots on Elite Golf Program, tee times will be posted.

Darin Bertschi wins second POTM, leads Player of the Year race

Posted on October 1, 2014 at 5:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Congratulations to Darin Bertschi who won September Player of the Month. Darin won his first Major of his EGP Career at Picture Butte, shooting rounds of 78, 74 for a 152 (+8 ) total. Darin goes into the first playoff event as one of only two people who can take over Stranvile Living Cup lead, with a Win. 

EGP Ryder Cup teams set, Harvie wins for 5th time

Posted on August 30, 2014 at 6:35 PM Comments comments (0)

The EGP Ryder Cup teams are set as 12 players have made their respective squads.

The Captains were decided off who had the most points for their respective teams.

Team Elite Golf Program                                         Team non-Elite Golf Pogram

Captian: Drew Harvie                                               Captian: Matt Richot

Darin Bertschi                                                           Nolan Mastel

Jeff Masse                                                                Mason Edwards

Grayson Constable                                                   Micheal Valk

Trey Brandt                                                              Blake Marczuk

Ethan Choi                                                               Sam Paskuski

alternates for Team EGP                                         alternates for Team non-EGP

Mason Harder                                                          Jackson Harvie

Lukas Ferguson                                                       Ethan Campbell 

Aidan Peacock                                                         Tyson Wirun

Drew Harvie picked up his fifth win of the season at the seasons second Drive, Chip and Putt. Drew clipped Grayson by 1 point, flopped from last Drive, Chip and Putt to take a comanding lead in the Stranville Living Cup playoffs

Good month for EGP Member's Jeff Masse, Darin Bertschi

Posted on August 27, 2014 at 8:35 PM Comments comments (0)

A good month is almost in the books for EGP Member's Jeff Masse and Darin Bertschi, who both had resepctive months in their own right. Jeff picked up his first win of the year at the Lethbridge Country Club Championships, firing rounds of 71-77 to win by 6 over EGP Member Darin Bertschi and Team Alberta member Mat Richot. Jeff also finished 4th at the MJT Wolf Creek, and finished 8th at the MJT at Jasper. Darin finished 6th at the MJT Jasper, T-2nd at the LCC Club Champs, and T-8th at the MJT Wolf Creek, well done guys!

Choi, Harvie finish 1, 2 at the McLennan Ross Tour Champ

Posted on August 27, 2014 at 8:30 PM Comments comments (0)

Congratulations to Ethan Choi and Drew Harvie for finishing 1-2 in their respective age catorgories at the McLennan Ross Sun Junior Tour Championship. Ethan shot a round 81 to win his age group, while Drew Harvie shot rounds of 78 to finish four behind.

Drew Harvie wins July POTM, Whitefish Trip review

Posted on August 27, 2014 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Congratulations to Drew Harvie on winning July Player of the Month. Drew also won March Player of the Month, and now takes a lead in the Player of the Year race. Drew's July was highlighted by a win at the season's third major, the EGP US Open, winnin by 1, and finishing runner-up to Grayson Constable at both the Northern MT Championship and the EGP Players. In the Whitefish trip Grayson Constable started of the trip on a good note, winning the Northern MT Championship by 8 highlighted by a holed wedge from 112 yards on the drivable par 4 10th for Eagle. Grayson Continued his rath on the other EGP members by winning the EGP Players Championship (80-76) by 8 as well. Drew Harvie capped off the EGP Trip with a win at his home course, Iron Horse Golf Club, but it wasnt without struggles. starting 78-76 to take a 13 shot lead over Trey Brandt, Drew struggled in the final two rounds, going 83-86 to win by a small margin of 1, closing out a back nine of 49.

Constable blows out venrable Lethbridge Country Club to win by 9 at the EGP Masters

Posted on July 9, 2014 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

Congratulations to Grayson Constable who went 81-73 for a 154 total, good for a 9 shot win over Darin Bertschi (163) and Drew Harvie (164) as his closest competitiors. Grayson played very stready golf to cruise to the largrst win of the largest win of the season, as well as the lowest round of the 2014 EGP Season, congrats Grayson!

Bertschi, Harvie clinch spots in Stranville Living Tournament of Champions

Posted on July 9, 2014 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Congratulations to Darin Bertschi and Drew Harvie for clinching their spot in the Stranville Living Tournament of Champions October 15th at the Lethbridge Country Club. With all these events being cancelled a total of 27 events are on the schedule now, meaning to get into the TOC you need to win three times, which Bertschi achieved May 28th at the Spring Championship, and Harvie achieved that on July 7th at the Davis Invitational Junior Qualifier. Grayson Constable is the next cloest to clinching, with two wins (Drive, Chip and Putt, as well as the EGP Masters), his next win he'll join Drew and Darin October 15th. 

Darin Bertschi wins May Player of the Month, Masse 14 back in Leduc

Posted on June 1, 2014 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Congratulations to Darin Bertschi who won May Player of the Month by one vote over Grayson Constable and Ethan Choi. Darin had a very good month with wins at the Front Nine Challenge and Spring Championship, finishing fourth at both the MJT Paraidse and MJT Banff, earning him POTM. Darin also takes over Player of the Year race, with 14pts, he's one clear of Jeff Masse and two clear of Drew Harvie. Darin joins Drew Harvie (March) and Jeff Masse (April) as other players to win Player of the Month.

On the north side of Alberta Jeff Masse tried to take on the renowned Red Tail Landing golf course in Leduc, and fired a solid round of 79 to sit 14 back. Tyler Saunders lit of the vaulrable Red Tail course to fire a -7 65 to lead by 4. Hopefully Jeff can pull out another good score and get into the top 10 (he sits 11th), goodluck to Jeff!

Darin Bertschi notches second top 5 of the season at the MJT Banff

Posted on May 28, 2014 at 10:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Congratulations to Darin Bertschi who finished in the top 4 at the MJT Banff Springs Event last weekend, Darin shot rounds of 80-75 to finish 4th, finishing 7 shots bhind eventual winner Jaxon Lynn. This is Darin's second top 5 of the MJT Season, finishing 4th again at the home event MJT Paradise Canyon, finishing one shot out of a 3 way playoff, after holding the 18 hole lead. Good job Darin!

Darin Bertschi wins 3rd of the season, Harvie records 8th straight top 5

Posted on May 28, 2014 at 10:10 PM Comments comments (0)

Darin Bertschi shot a 1 over 37 on a recently aireted Lethbridge Country Club to win his third of the seaon by 1 over Grayson Constable. Darin is one win away from punching his ticket to the Tournament of Champions, which you need four wins to get exemption. The most impressive part his won is its 3rd win in four starts, and with a 75% win percentage, thats tough to beat on any tour. Grayson Constable finished one back (+2) after winning the Drive, Chip and Putt Championship two weeks ago, beginning an impressive play as of late. Trey Brandt notched his 4th top 3 of the season, another impressive feat, finishing runner-up three times, and third once, but still no wins for Trey. Lukas Ferguson got his best finish of the season with a T-4th, and said "I've really been playing well lately, its going to come"! One of the current big headliners of EGP right now is Drew's current streak of top 5's, currently on 8 and going strong "yeah its nice to always be in the top 5, its close to winning again, i havent won since the Evergreen Open in March so I'd love to get another win and get hot, but finishing in the top 5 is always nice and having the longest streak going in EGP has its perks as well"! Aidan Peacock played his first tournament of the year, but didnt play solid which was dissapointing, but lots of talent and lots of time we will see Aidan develop into a great player! Jackson Harvie played his first of 3 exempt events, but finished 7th. The next EGP Tourmament is the years second Major, the EGP Masters at the Lethbridge Country Club June 13-15, with the Monday Qualifier June 9th. 

Jeff Massé finishes 6th in MJT Lacombe

Posted on May 20, 2014 at 12:35 AM Comments comments (0)

Jeff Massé came back a disappointing first day of 83 to fire an impressive 73 to finish in the top 6. This is Jeff's first top 10 of the year, and will certainly not be the last! Good job Jeff! He plans to play in this weekends MJT Banff Springs event, a counting Stranville Living Cup event and SAJGR event.

Jackson Harvie earns next 3 EGP Events

Posted on May 20, 2014 at 12:30 AM Comments comments (0)

The Drive, Chip and Putt last Wednesday was successful for many reasons, but one of them for a certain Junior golfer stood out. Jackson Harvie finished 3rd, which earned him the next 3 Stranville Living Cup Events. This will help him get on his was to earning a EGP membership through Stranville Living Cup points. Congratulations to Jackson and we hope to see you soon!

Grayson Constable wins for the first time, Drew Harvie records record 7th straight top 5

Posted on May 14, 2014 at 11:15 PM Comments comments (0)

It was a fun event for EGP Members and invitees as they played the first of two Drive, Chip and Putt Championship's throughout the season. Grayson Constable got his first Win of the season with a whopping 124 point total, followed by Drew Harvie at second, and Jackson Harvie (I) in third to round out medalist honours. This was a big event for all three players as they all earned something desperately needed. Grayson got his first solid finish after a couple of slow starts to the season, moved out of the cutline for the EGP Ryder Cup and gained valuable EGP Cup and SAJGR points. Drew Harvei recorded a 7th straight top 5, which is an ongoing record that is very impressive in itself, and Jackson Harvie earned more invitations to EGP Cup events with his 3rd place finish. He earned invites to the next 3 Stranville Living Cup Events, which are the Spring Championship (May 28th), The Thompson 9 Challenge (June 18th) and the 1934 Challenge (June 28th), he joins Blake Marczuk as the two players to get invited into more events, with Blake still having two exemptions in the Spring Championship and the Thompson 9 Challenge.